Extraordinaria- Entrepreneurs women community

First Extraordinaria event of 2018 , community of enterprising women. This time the social media were the core of the talks, these being one of the most powerful brand amplifiers of the moment. They invited five speakers to talk about the power of these and discussed the impact they have on our business and also in our lives. Some of the reflections that were discussed were: What tools can maximize our visibility? How can they help us sell more? How to create a visibility plan? What trends will we explore in 2018? Can you talk about everything in social media? How do you find the balance between the professional and the personal? Or how to overcome the fear of being expose?



Ximena de la Serna , digital entrepreneur and youtuber.

Paula González, entrepreneur and founder of The Singular Olivia

Alexandra Ri, instagram strategist and founder of RI Marketing Agency

Juan Pablo Tejela, founder de Metricool

Montse Pujada, coach and professional reinvention


Photos by Lara López