A design network for non-established designers.

COLLAB was founded from the collaboration of Jordi Veciana and a group of young designers from a variety of design backgrounds.

The objective is to build a network of young and non-established designers for future opportunities, in addition to supporting connections to accomplish greater achievements.

To make this connection real, the organisation intends to do a series of regular projects, where everybody participates with their knowledge and ideas; these collaborative events aim to welcome and include newcomers.

The first project of COLLAB was holded in Espacio 88, Barcelona during the Barcelona Design Week 12th – 19th June.

“The Silver Room” designed by the initial 15 designers of COLLAB worked with light and a specific material, PIR ALU (polyiscyanurate insulated panels) and was sponsored by ArceClima and Distriplac. The use of an unnoticed material in this context includes the non-established designers in a reflective manner of design, including them in a larger community.

Photographies by Salva López