Showroom Heaps&Woods

Showroom/pop up by Heaps & Woods, a project of interior design, crafts and furniture design. Creative studio located in Indonesia with its own furniture factory. They are here for a while and made an event to present their collection to Barcelona clients, press and influencers.

Such an event allowed to create some very interesting connections. Marta and Louis, interior architect and furniture producer are the soul of this project, and were present to attend to all the needs and concerns of the guests. They like to define themselves as an accessible luxury by providing their clients with pieces that last over time. The artisanal techniques of Indonesia are the base in which they create and give meaning to their project, committed in that these don’t get lost and complement perfectly with their designs. Combining their sense of style, culture, heritage and sustainability, they produce almost any piece of furniture design, , whether for exterior or interior. They arrived in Barcelona to to show that this style of furniture can be integrated into modern spaces any time of the year and break with the idea that this type of furniture is only for an Ibiza house in summer.